The construction industry currently accounts for circa 38% of global energy related emissions.


Many of these emissions are produced by diesel-driven equipment and generators. Whilst nobody expects these to disappear overnight, momentum is building to replace diesel engines through legislation, placing increasingly onerous requirements on construction companies to operate their sites in a sustainable way as well as to produce sustainable buildings.


Such regulations require project builders to embrace new technologies so that they can present a coherent case demonstrating that they are on a path to zero carbon.


AFC Energy has a number of products that can assist on this journey. The company’s portfolio of alkaline fuel cell technologies can be used alongside diesel generators in a progressive and incremental manner to reduce and ultimately eliminate emissions.


Such an approach provides a compelling case to regulators that a logical and phased emissions reduction strategy is proceeding.


The AFC Energy off-grid H-Power EV charging solution can be used on construction sites to charge the new range of electric drive zero emissions vehicles and equipment. Looking further into the future, ongoing developments at AFC Energy are bringing directly driven fuel cell machines closer to deployment on construction sites.


The new HydroX-Cell(S)TM design, currently under development, will offer opportunities to directly power mobile construction equipment with fuel cells, combining the efficiency of electric drive with a compact industry leading fuel cell also of high efficiency.