Historically, mining has been considered a “dirty” industry.  In reality, modern mining processes have never been cleaner thanks to new sustainable energy supplies and compliance with a raft of environmental regulations.


Even so, mines and mining communities continue to be intensive users of hydrocarbon driven power generation equipment, bringing them under ever closer scrutiny by consumers and regulators.


As a result, mine operators have to continuously search for novel solutions to improve the environmental performance of their business, and frequently this forms part of the planning process for any new development.


AFC Energy’s H-Power offers either stand-alone systems or transitional solutions that combine with existing technologies to enable a phased move to cleaner outcomes.


For instance, AFC Energy’s off-grid fuel cell powered charging stations are able to charge new battery/electric drive mining equipment; and the H-Power fuel cell generation package is able to complement and ultimately replace traditional mining camp power plants.


These two applications will underpin the industry’s move towards emission-free mining.  Through development of the HydroX-Cell(S)TM solid membrane fuel cell design, there is the prospect that future mines and mining equipment may be powered solely by fuel cell technology.