A New Era Commences For AFC Energy

Adam Bond, CEO, AFC Energy

After over a decade in research and development, AFC Energy is now finalising its plans for the roll out of its first commercial products.  To coincide with that landmark event, we have recently announced the rebranding of our leading edge hydrogen power technologies to fit the emerging landscape of markets for zero-carbon energy.

Today we would like to welcome you to our new web site where you can read about our H-Power,TM  suite of products and how they fit to applications in EV recharging, industrial chemical plants, temporary power and off-grid locations.

We have been able to pioneer these best-in-class products for zero-carbon energy production based on the depth and sophistication of our research.  Our scientists have developed a breakthrough alkaline fuel-cell technology .through our work  developing the AlkaMemTM membrane, which has shown the potential for our alkaline membrane fuel cells to deliver an energy-density equal to conventional PEM fuel cells. This will open up new markets for our Company and customers. While traditional PEM cells require highly expensive 99.999% pure hydrogen, AFC Energy customers will have an added benefit because our alkaline fuel cells can use lower grade cheaper hydrogen sources.

One such fuel is, of course, ammonia – regarded as one of the best hydrogen carriers available in the market today.  The benefits of ammonia as a feedstock to our fuel cells relate to the established global  logistics network, relative low cost, storage as a liquid at room temperature and it’s  high energy density.  In our integrated system trials, we have proven how ammonia can provide an on-demand source of hydrogen that can then power the fuel cell without any loss in performance.

AFC Energy is proud to be at the forefront of Hydrogen power generation technology and we look forward to supporting the delivery of a Nett Zero economy.