ABB Strategic Partnership Underscores Conviction in Powering the Global EV Charging Market

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Today, we are pleased to be launching a new strategic partnership with one of the world’s powerhouses in electrification and transportation, ABB.

As a leading supplier of DC electric vehicle chargers, ABB has charging systems deployed in over 80 countries with customer channels spanning commercial and logistics carriers, marine and large scale urban transport.  With the exponential growth in EV deployment in recent years, the strain on local power grids, both in the UK, Europe and internationally, is becoming a clear barrier to the electrification of society’s domestic and commercial transportation sector.

Just last month, the UK Government released its 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution highlighting for the first time the Government’s policy that the UK will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, ten years earlier than planned.  We strongly support this policy, however, the infrastructure challenges must be confronted head on if we as a nation are to see the benefits of a fully decarbonised transportation sector over the next decade.

ABB and AFC Energy’s partnership will see the launch next year of a new product combining the world class energy storage and DC electric vehicle fast charging capability of ABB with AFC Energy’s low cost, highly efficient fuel cell technology to support electrification of vehicles where grid capacity is either absent or constrained.

ABB’s global customer channel now opens up a marketing platform previously inaccessible to AFC Energy and along with the growth in our manufacturing and engineering capability, along with our strengthened partners and suppliers, this strategic partnership has the potential to enable and support Government policy aspirations for a low-carbon society today and into the future.