In June 2020, we announced a strategic collaboration with ACCIONA to support the global constructors’ strategy to decarbonise their development sites.  Our on-site work with them in Spain in 2021 will evaluate both hydrogen and ammonia as fuel sources for our off-grid zero emission power systems in a live environment, designed to replace polluting diesel generators. 

Acciona Headquarters Alcobendas, Spain; operates in 27 offices across 22 countries
Size of Acciona business 30,000 employees; produces 21 terawatt-hours of renewable electricity a year
Size of fuel cell 160kW
Site work begins 2021

Decarbonisation of the construction sector is a critical objective for the delivery of a net zero economy and is therefore a key market focus for AFC Energy’s H-PowerTM fuel cell system.  With an acute awareness emerging of the impact diesel generation from construction has on air quality post COVID-19, this objective is likely to be increasingly regulated and enforced by Governments.

As one of the world’s leading construction companies with a multi-gigawatt portfolio of renewable energy investments across the world, ACCIONA, through its construction business line, has entered into an Agreement with AFC Energy to conduct field tests of a containerised 160kW H-PowerTM system at one of its Spanish construction sites.  In addition to a containerised H-PowerTM fuel cell system, ACCIONA will be supplied with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and ammonia cracker.

As a leading innovator at the forefront of research and development in the construction market, ACCIONA uses the latest techniques working with partners to carry out projects, including the reduction of the environmental footprint of its construction sites through a transition away from on-site diesel generation.

Each company is contributing to the cost of conducting the field trial.  Both companies will subsequently work together to validate the technical and economic viability of the H-PowerTM system as a basis upon which future collaborations will be premised.

A key selling point of AFC Energy’s H-PowerTM platform is the capability to accept cracked ammonia as the primary fuel source.  As a more energy dense fuel with lower logistics and handling costs versus Hydrogen in remote locations, adoption of ammonia could have a material impact on the fuel running costs of the fuel cell system. The project will evaluate both Hydrogen and Ammonia as its primary fuel so that an holistic evaluation may be made not only comparing alkaline fuel cell efficiency with comparable fuel cell technologies but also the safety, cost effectiveness and logistical supply chain of the two fuels compared to diesel fuel in off grid construction applications.