Hydrogen power replaces diesel generators at ACCIONA construction site

One of the first zero emissions hydrogen fuel cell deployments on a European construction site.

Sustainable construction in action

Acciona and AFC Energy have teamed up to showcase what the future of construction will look like.  The fuel cell will be one of the first uses of such zero emission hydrogen technology deployed on a European construction site. 

Our shared mission to mitigate the affects of climate change led us to collaborate together on this innovative project. It saw our first ‘S’ series Power Tower successfully deployed.

Replacing diesel generation

This project demonstrates how temporary power for off-grid construction sites can switch from polluting diesel generators to hydrogen fuel cells. 

It’s 300 hours of operation, has so far, avoided 1.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, whilst also preventing air pollutants emissions such as the oxides of nitrogen and sulphur.

Delivering clean power when and where it's needed

In the first deployment of many, the H-Power Tower operated effectively.  It matched it’s flexible generation of power with the varying load requirements you’d expect from a construction site, and it did this during the high temperatures of the Spanish summer.  It also helped us identify ways to further improve the technology, which will be factored into our next generation of H-Power Towers.

"Our focus on the decarbonisation of the global construction and temporary power markets is critical if we are to deliver on our sustainability targets and mitigate the long term effects of climate change. Working with partners such as ACCIONA, we continue to highlight the role hydrogen is playing in meeting our targets. ACCIONA is at the vanguard of efforts to decarbonise the construction site and we are thrilled to see their validation of the ongoing success achieved in our first "S" Series fuel cell deployment of the new Power Tower fuel cell series. The Power Tower, configured as a stand-alone or modular, scalable system can deliver zero emission power when needed to support industry's transition away from pollutant diesel generators.""

Adam Bond, CEO at AFC Energy