Developed initially for the HydroX-Cell(S)TM  fuel cell system, AFC Energy’s leading AlkaMemTM Anionic Exchange Membrane (“AEM”) offers a highly conductive, robust and cost-effective membrane technology for sale or licensing into ancillary market applications.

AlkaMemTM applications include:

  • Alkaline Water Electrolysis
  • Alkaline Fuel Cells
  • Fuel Synthesis
  • Electrodialysis
  • Desalination
  • Acid Remediation
  • Salt Water Batteries
  • REDOX Flow Batteries

The market for highly conductive and stable membrane technologies continues to grow and presently exceeds $1 billion. The performance of the AlkaMemTM has been independently monitored and successfully appraised by industry leaders against key operational metrics. The market introduction will increase customer choice and we expect to be competitive on price and performance.

Good progress is being made on AlkaMem in 2021, whether in relation to enhancing membrane mechanical strength, improving the performance and stability of our ionomer, meeting the challenge of producing consistent MEAs or tuning the preparation steps to enable a range of membrane thicknesses to be offered. The completion of our new World-Class Anion Exchange Membrane Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Facility in February 2021 supports its continued progress; you can read more on it here.

The AlkaMemTM membrane is available for license and joint development applications in various thicknesses. The table below provides details of the key technical specification that AlkaMemTM can provide.


Thickness (µm) Conductivity ( Ion Exchange Capacity (meq.g-1)
 AlkaMem20TM  20  200-210  2.5-2.7
 AlkaMem40TM 40 200-210  2.5-2.7
 AlkaMem100TM 100 200-210  2.5-2.7